Tuesday, March 25, 2008

antigummint, 3/25/2008 8:09:09 PM

Now that the feminists have successfully emasculated the adult American males, they are getting their sex fix from teen boys (who have a few developing male characteristics) and...American males, fed up with being badgered about just about everything are more and more getting their sex fix from teen girls (who won't badger them about stuff). It will continue to get worse unless men start treating adult women as women and women start treating adult men as men. (first clue: men should not allow women to go out and bust their butts for 40 hours a week and women should not allow men to clean house, change babies, and chatter over the back fence).

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Aunt Shan said...

Some would say that post is sexist. But for real, I don't believe Men and Women are confident in what their respected roles are. We are left feeling uncertain about what is expected of us. How many women are working in their new role as executive or high ranking executive, yet still do all the house hold duties too. Granted doing the household duties these days may mean calling in a housekeeper, nanny, etc. Yet it is still considered the woman's duty to see that these things get done. I also believe that men who become "house husbands" seem to become emasculated. That is my 2cents.